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Hong Kong Ocean Garden Bed And Breakfast


Our ground floor garden apartment
has this view from one side.
Morning mist obscures a
sweeping ocean view.

Two of the Bedrooms

How Our Household Works

How Our Visitors See Us

Hotel Reservation Info Page

What We Have

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Reservations, Payment, And Cancellation Policies

We have a happy 4-bedroom home
situated less 20 - 30 minutes
from Central Hong Kong.
We are a Western professional couple,
 who came from Canada
to work in Hong Kong.
We speak English, French,
and Cantonese Chinese.
Our home is called a Ground Floor
Garden Apartment,
and since it occupies the entire floor,
 there are pleasant tropical breezes
scented with ocean and flowers
wafting through our serene abode.
Situated conveniently on a slight rise,
we have a sweeping view of the ocean
on one side of our home
 from our wraparound terrace.
Our home is  large for Hong Kong,
 though the four bedrooms are 
clean and modest.  
It is for the choice natural setting,
combined with proximity to one of
the world's most exciting and hectic cities,
that we recommend our home to travellers
in need of fresh ocean air, and a desire to combine
serenity and stimulation,
beauty and urbanity,
 health and travel.
We hope you will have a wonderful trip
to Hong Kong!


Three minutes walk to this village bay.


Half of the front terrace.


We have the entire ground floor
of this pink building,
a private dwelling of a professional couple,
a four bedroom garden apartment.